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Rainbow Bridge: Ross Roi's Aim for the Heart "Aimee"

5/31/1992 - 12/4/2007

Today a bright shinning star is gone from my life. Last night my founding show girl Ross Roi's Aim For The Heart, Aimee, passed peacefully away to cross over the rainbow bridge. Though Deb and Mike Ross parted with my girl as a show prospect she never liked showing and after earning her Canadian championship I felt that she was happier sharing time with me. She was the start of Inbhe Shelties and did give us our first Champion, Inbhes Braveheart "Gibson". In her 15 years of life Aimee was always there by my side she rode in police cars, rode in fire trucks and even rode in an ambulance. She met mayors, senators, congressmen, judges, sheriffs and of course all our family and friends. There was never a person that did not love her and who she did not love. (Except maybe puppies when she got older!) She was my constant companion always walking at my side. Even in the later years she was blind and deaf but followed me around the kennels by my scent. There were time s that when I lost my temper and would see her looking at me with those beautiful eyes that I would suddenly find calm. She was my cruise control, always looking at me sadly when I would speed. When I would come home after a stressful day of work she would always be there to welcome me and sit next to me so that I could realize that she understood. When I was working 24 hr shifts she even snuck into the car and went to work with me proving to all around me that she was one truly devoted and loyal companion. The stars will always shine at night but without her to share the view it will never be the same. To communicate with out talking was one of her greatest gifts. She asked not much only companionship and her children have lived long and have given their families nothing but joy and happiness.

A large piece of my heart left last night to cross over the rainbow bridge to meet all those that have proceeded her. My only hope is that I will live the rest of my life in a manner that will not disappoint her.

Enjoy the sun and the birds my love until we meet again. Love, your Dad and Mom Gene and Deb Foley

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