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Rainbow Bridge: OTCh Jo-Lyn's Inherit the Wind UDX RN, UKC CDX, ASCA and Can CD "Jaren"


With twinkle in his eye and speed--lots of speed--in his step, Jaren came into my life 14 years ago. Today he met old friends at the rainbow bridge. Life with Jaren was always a hoot. Everything he did--he did at 150% and at warp speed. The word "utmost" is the best way to describe Jaren and his philosophy of life. Be it showing in obedience where the thrill of being there was better than any win or placement or running in agility and deciding he knew the course and could do it on his own or meeting ducks for the first time at Anita Paull's house at the ripe old age of 12 and deciding herding ducks was better than any obedience command I could give, Jaren allowed me to live the life with him and enjoy the thrill ride with him.The fun in life was chasing your own shadow when you were an "only" or patrolling the yard for skunks and bunnies or doing a recall and sliding in to perfect front and running from window to window to patrol the house!! Enjoying the journey isn't half the fun, it is the fun. Although this journey has ended I will always remember this special boy and be grateful that he came into my life. Tears and heartache will subside eventually but the memories will last forever.

Love your mom Nancy Potter

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