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Rainbow Bridge: Can Ch U-Gr Ch U-CD Terra's Teakwood Am/Can/S-CD HSAs HRD1-s HTD1-s OTD-s STD-d


September 25, 1994 to January 1, 2006

(by Ch Barwoods Entrepeneur ROM ex Am/Can/SKC Ch S-Int'l Ch U-Gr Ch U-CD Fanfair Timely Impact O'Terra Am/Can/SKC CD Am/Can TD CGC TDI)

Teak fulfilled my greatest wish to have a Sheltie herding. He and I were so bonded. His silliness made me laugh, his antics were one of a kind. His soft, soulful eyes and expression made my heart soar. That'll do Teak. Teak was loved, breed, owned and shown to all his titles by Terri Korthals

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