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Rainbow Bridge: AKC Ch/U-GRCH BISS BIMBS RBIMBS UAGII UCD Will O'Wisp Touch of Frost CD OA OAJ NAP

Ben is pictured on the left with his son Touch of Blue.

Ben was in the top ten for UKC Shelties, on and off since 2003, in the United States and finished as #2 in the breed for 2003.

Owned and primarily handled by Dr. Elizabeth Krause, Ben is a dog that bears watching in multiple rings!. His AKC Champion was a group effort combining Beth, mother Cynthia and the wonderful handler, Julie Desy.

Ben finished his Champion Title with back to back major wins under Mr. Tom Coen and Mrs. Nioma Coen on 5/19/01 and 5/20/01 in Maine! He was handled to his AKC Ch by Mom, Cynthia after Beth and Julie got Ben's first nine points.

Along with his striking looks, Ben has brains. To top it all off, this guy has movement and attitude to spare.

He had one champion son, Can UKC Ch. Woodland Farm's Touch of Blue 14 pts one major.

Ben was OFA good, eyes, thyroid, vWD (DNA), brucellosis clear, white factored, bi-factored and proven.

Ben was bred by Martha Heckman and daughter Sarah Foy of Ventura Shelties in NH.

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