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Coat Colors & Type Explained

Updated: Nov 11, 2020





Sable & White (sable/brown, white, +/- black shading on saddle)

AOAC: Any Other Allowed Color

- Tri (black, tan, white)

- Blue Merle (blue, tan, white)

- Bi Black (black, white)

- Bi Blue (blue, white)

Other Color Variations:

Any color can also be a Color Headed White ("CHW"), where the body is mostly white and color exists on the head (around eyes and ears) and a few body spots. These puppies/dogs do not typically have associated vision and hearing problems.

When two merle dogs (blue merle, sable merle, or bi blue) are bred together, there is a chance of getting Double Merle puppies - these puppies/dogs often have vision and hearing problems. These dogs also have mostly white bodies, including white around the eyes and ears.

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