A/C Ch Linden Keynote Takin' It Easy 2CC

November 4, 1990 - February 19, 2000.
 Piper had earned 202 Best of Breeds, including 9 Best in Specialty shows, by spring 1998. He was lost under tragic circumstances when an unknown person left the gate to his fenced yard open and he was struck and killed by a car. His Collie companion, Mimi, was lost at the same time and is now known to have died as well.


Oh how I wish that I had known that the Bridge needed You. 
You left so suddenly and so tragically, 
My heart aches for those last moments that we couldn't share 
My arms are empty and yearn for just one more special hug 

You were the answer to my dreams. 
My Best Friend and the companion that shared my life. 
The Sheltie who gave his all to everyone he met 
A true ambassador for your Breed in the Ring, 
in the community and in our home 

I hope that you know how much I loved you. 
I didn't have a chance to tell you before you left. 
My home is so empty now without you. 
Your Friends (human and canine) miss you so much. 

I am told that you are watching over me still. 
Please ask the Bridge Keeper to let me feel your presence 
I love you Piper and I always will

Until we meet again,

Your loving, but oh so human, Mom

Mary E Couzens

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